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...complete access to the ETF Investment Outlook Newsletter. This premium service brings together macro economic insights, market fundamentals and technical analysis to identify buying and selling opportunities in ETFs. Here are just some of the subscriber benefits.

Profit in Bull and Bear Markets: With the introduction of ETFs that move inverse to the stock market, you can make money during market declines, with or without short positions. ETF Investment Outlook provides you with specific positions in broad market ETFs so you can participate in both up and down moves.

Employ Sector Rotation Strategies: Knowing when to invest in defensive sectors can protect your capital. Knowing when to invest in offensive sectors can increase your returns. With ETF Investment Outlook, you'll know when to hunt with the bears or run with the bulls.

Diversify into Foreign Markets: While the main focus is on the U.S. stock market, we also look overseas for opportunities in developed and emerging markets. These ETFs provide the chance to invest in some of the fastest growing regions across the globe.

Invest in Equity Market Alternatives: Sometimes stocks are just not the place to be and investors need to look outside of equities for safety and returns. These alternatives include bond, commodity and currency ETFs. ETF Investment Outlook covers these equity market alternatives giving you bullish or bearish indicators for each asset class.

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