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PowerShares ETFs

» Asia 50 ADR BLDRS (ADRA)

» Developed Mkts 100 ADR BLDRS (ADRD)

» Emerging Mkts 50 ADR BLDRS (ADRE)

» Europe 100 ADR BLDRS (ADRU)

» Biotech & Genome PS DY (PBE)

» Food & Beverage PS DY (PBJ)

» Media PS DY (PBS)

» Clean Energy PS WilderHill (PBW)

» Leisure & Entertainment PS DY (PEJ)

» Dividend Achievers PS HighYield (PEY)

» Consumer Discretionary PS DY (PEZ)

» Financials PS DY (PFI)

» Water Resources PS (PHO)

» Building & Construction PS DY (PKB)

» Buyback Achievers PS (PKW)

» Retail PS DY (PMR)

» Aerospace & Defense PS (PPA)

» Semiconductors PS DY (PSI)

» Software PS DY (PSJ)

» Consumer Staples PS DY (PSL)

» Healthcare PS DY (PTH)

» Utilities PS DY (PUI)

» Energy WilderHill Progressive PS (PUW)

» Energy Explor & Prod PS DY (PXE)

» Energy PS DY (PXI)

» Oil & Gas Services PS DY (PXJ)

» Networking PS DY (PXQ)

» Basic Materials PS DY (PYZ)

» Cleantech PS (PZD)

» Nasdaq 100 Trust (QQQ)

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