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ETF Basics

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XLB Holdings

By Arthur B. Hill - Wed 13-Feb-08 9:08 AM EST

An ETF is only as good, or bad, as it holdings. The first thing to find out is if the holdings are evenly dispersed or concentrated in few stocks? If the holdings are concentrated in a few stocks, then it is imperative to know these stocks. While there are 28 stocks in the Materials SPDR (XLB), the top five holdings make up almost 50% of the ETF.

As the table above shows, the performance of this ETF depends in large part on the performance of the top five stocks. In particular, Monsanto (MON) makes up over 15% of the ETF and is by far the largest component. Two of the top five stocks are big chemical companies (DuPont and Dow). Monsanto bills itself as an agricultural chemical company. Alcoa is into aluminum, while Freeport McMoran is into copper and gold.


Materials SPDR (XLB) Breadth click here


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