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Notice: This site will stop updating on June 30th, 2017. Sorry for any inconvenience.

* Last updated after market close on Friday, June 30, 2017
Top 10 - Advance-Decline Net% (all)
Name Symbol ADNet
Industrials SPDRXLI85.1%
Home Construction DJUS iSharesITB83.7%
Homebuilders SPDRXHB80.0%
Food & Beverage PS DYPBJ65.5%
Consumer Goods DJUS iSharesIYK64.0%
Industrial DJUS iSharesIYJ62.7%
Aerospace & Defense DJUS iSharesITA62.2%
Retail PS DYPMR61.5%
Aerospace & Defense PSPPA61.5%
Consumer Staples PS DYPSL57.9%

Bottom 10 - Advance-Decline Net% (all)
Name Symbol ADNet
Semiconductors PS DYPSI-66.7%
Biotech MarketVectorsBBH-60.0%
Networking GS iSharesIGN-58.3%
Financials PS DYPFI-55.4%
Broker-Dealers DJUS iSharesIAI-53.9%
Regional Banks DJUS iSharesIAT-53.9%
Biotech & Genome PS DYPBE-53.3%
Insurance DJUS iSharesIAK-50.8%
Semiconductors SPDRXSD-44.4%
Utilities SPDRXLU-39.3%
Breadth Indicators will stop Updating on June 30th, 2017.
By Arthur B. Hill - Tue 20-Jun-17 2:34 PM EDT
ETF Basics -- We are moving to Amibroker to build and test breadth indicators. The breadth data here at will not longer be updated (after June 30th). Use the contact form (click here) to send ...
Data Bug on Thursday 2-Oct - working on a fix
By Arthur B. Hill - Thu 02-Oct-14 7:14 AM EDT
Special Alerts -- ...
Breadth Data has been Updated AND REVISED
By Arthur B. Hill - Sat 16-Aug-14 5:56 PM EDT
ETF Newsletter -- Our data sets got mixed up on Monday and data posted was bogus. We have reset the data sets and rerun the scripts. The data looks good so far. Let us know if you see anything bogus. Thanks! ...
XLF is Lagging, but AD Line Hits New High
By Arthur B. Hill - Sat 01-Mar-14 4:55 AM EST
Technical Talk -- The Finance SPDR (XLF) is lagging the broader market because it remains below its prior high. The AD Line for the Finance SPDR, however, is not lagging because it hit a new high. This new high suggests ...
Bearish Breadth for PIC
By Arthur B. Hill - Thu 02-Oct-08 10:29 AM EDT
Technical Talk -- The Insurance PowerShares (PIC) bounced with the rest of the financials over the last 2 1/2 months, but that bounce may be nearing its end as breath deteriorates. First, the overall trend for breadth ...
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